Summer Auditions Announced!

We have a big fall season coming up. We will once again be singing a December concert with the Newport Symphony Orchestra. This year, we'll be doing selections from Handel's Messiah. We also will sing our own annual December concert, Wishes and Candles. That's a lot of music to learn so to get a jump on things the chorale is planning to have one or two summer rehearsals.

Once we decided to have summer rehearsals, we realized that we needed to have a special summer audition for anyone who is interested in joining the chorale for the upcoming season. So here we are, announcing auditions to be held on Wednesday, July 13th from 4 to 5 PM at the Newport campus of the Oregon Coast Community College. The auditions are tentatively scheduled to be in the music room at the OCCC. To schedule a specific time or if you're interested in auditioning and can't make it on the 13th, please contact us at or call our director Mary Lee Scoville at 541-563-6830. We will also have our regular auditions in August at the beginning of our regular rehearsal schedule.

So what happens at the audition? It's pretty simple. Mary Lee and a couple of Chorale singers run you through a couple of vocal exercises to determine vocal range, have you match pitch on a simple tune, demonstrate an understanding of note duration. You are encouraged to prepare a short piece to sing but it's not required. 

Once all the prospective singers have auditioned, Mary Lee and the other audition personnel will consider the results and then contact singers with a decision.